freedom of expression

It seems that Fortiguard aren't just in the business of keeping vulnerable eyes away from explicit sexual content and blogs about independent filmmaking. Their website describes the alternative beliefs category as blocking "Websites that provide information about or promote religions not specified in Traditional Religions or other unconventional, cultic, or folkloric beliefs and practices". Make of that what you will.
Now as it feels my body is finally settling into its natural weight, at 45 years old I can truthfully say that I don't fear food anymore and what it might do to me. The power of weight loss that works has its foundation now and even though there is lots of temptation out there, I will stay true to me, and that's a promise!
A year later it all seems quite surreal. Did it really happen? Did the authorities seek the arrest of the Pussy Riot women and actually put three of them on trial charged with the serious offence of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred", a crime carrying a possible seven-year jail sentence? And were they really jailed? Sadly, of course, the answer is a triple yes.
If there were to be a provision about protection of those expressing views on marriage, which I oppose, there would be more justification for it to be in the opposite direction - to give protection to those opposing the limiting of marriage to opposite sex couples.
The man who won libel damages after his arrest over the murder of a woman has penned a letter to MPs asking them to support
A key adviser to Lord Justice Leveson claims his last resort option for compulsory press reform would be illegal as it would
Anticipation is growing among journalists, lawyers and regulators to what Lord Leveson will recommend to revive media ethics within the damaged reputation of the British press. The Leveson Inquiry has been ongoing since July 2011 and the report is due this Thursday.
With recent prosecutions in the UK of 'offensive' speech - bad taste jokes on twitter or facebook, and offensive anti-police messages on a t-shirt - perhaps our freedom is starting to fray at the edges.
Our libel laws affect what we can write, what we read, what we discuss - online and offline. The Queen's Speech on 9 May may, just, strike a blow for freedom of expression that will benefit authors, researchers, journalists, bloggers and others, not only in the UK but around the world.
The debate that surrounds the issue of extremism on university campuses is one which is frequently framed in political language, examining the dangers of Islamist radicalisation or the influence of the Far-Right. Challenging the spread of homophobia by religious speakers is something which often receives less attention, yet is an equally prevalent problem.