freedom of information act

A decision not to charge for Freedom of Information (FoI) requests has been hailed as a "victory for journalism". The government
There is a real opportunity for the sector can lead by example so that it can be ahead of the public and business sectors - surely this is what the sector's values require and the public expects.
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Russell Group universities have said they should be exempt from having to answer freedom of information (FOI) requests as
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If Jo Johnson's recently unveiled university reforms go ahead as planned, higher education institutions will no longer be
Has there ever been a Cabinet minister more inept than Chris Grayling, the leader of the House of Commons? He is a man who can be utterly relied upon to get things wrong, a man whose lack of judgement and staggering incompetence defy belief.
These early days show a recklessness from the Government when it comes to our rights and freedoms, systematically dismantling the tools which protect the ordinary and the vulnerable and re-writing the rule-book.
Almost all the major departments experienced rises in the number of FoI requests received in Q1 2015. The only two departments
Michael Gove's latest attempts to overhaul government scrutiny laws have been blasted by pro-transparency campaigners for