Freedom of the Press

The state's approach to certain human rights has been inconsistent throughout the years.
The more the governing elite become corrupt, the more press freedom comes under threat.
“This was incitement, plain and simple,” ABC News correspondent Cecilia Vega said following Trump's Phoenix rally.
It's these ugly memories that stoke my passion for freedom of expression, for freedom of the press and other media.
Just after Trump described them as the 'enemy of the people'.
  CNN, Buzzfeed and The New York Times, of which Trump has been highly critical, were also denied access. The Associated
There are many arguments and opinions abuzz on the social media networks, some radical, many shocked and sad. I can only speak for the ones I am exposed to, but these seem to fall within two camps - The Freedom of Speech vs. The Responsibility of Freedom.
A city-wide manhunt is underway for a gunman who opened fire at the reception of the Paris building of left-wing newspaper
The chairman of the Commons political and constitutional reform committee has warned that the controversial cross-party plan
Lord Sugar, the Labour peer and star of The Apprentice, has attacked the editor of the Daily Mail for being a "tyrant" and