I've left my job as an in house social media manager to make it on my own. Expectation levels are high but the person putting the most pressure on me is me. To others what I have already achieved in these early days looks like success, to me it is just the start.
Freelancers are always out of work. Even when they're in work, they're out of work. If you are not working, you have no money. And if you are working, you have no time to find more work. When the job ends, you have time, but no work. Whichever way you approach it, you always have no money.
In the run up to yesterday's budget I called on the Chancellor to come out fighting for the UK's smallest businesses, a sector that contributes £82 billion to the UK economy annually - freelancing. As the dust settles on the Budget, how well did the Chancellor do?
I'll hold my hands up. I'm 100% unemployable. When I say "unemployable" I don't mean unprofessional; I just mean I am not
Looking at the resulting collection of 140 portraits, the marvellous variety of people is revealed. Not only our different shapes and sizes but our moods that change so much in a day. Some of the people in front of Chris' camera were obviously a bit anxious about it, others seem confident and happy. It's just like we all are in real life, in other words.
With fears of a double-dip recession mounting, companies are preferring to hire freelancers in a bid to save money, a survey