'That kind of misogynistic language should be done away with.'
A Labour MP has said George Osborne should apologise for using “misogynistic language” after saying he wanted Theresa May
I want to talk about money. For some time, I've been racking my brain thinking of realistic ways I can be better off, when I came to a realisation. Rather than be consumed by the endless quest for more, why not make the most of what I already have.
'She sold me her frozen mother for £20. How do you do something like that?'
A woman who bought a second-hand freezer from her neighbour for just £20 ($30) got an added extra she hadn't quite bargained
Looking to save money on your weekly supermarket shop? Buy foods that store well in the freezer. According to Buzz60, there
A 24-year-old woman has "frozen to death" after she was locked inside a cyro chamber, where temperatures plummeted to minus
In a chestnutshell Festive Freeze aims to help households save money and stamp out the absurdity of food waste. But it is not just households that can benefit from the campaign. Across the UK the prize for cutting food waste is considerable as it is estimated that a concerted effort could prevent £30billion tonnes of food being wasted by 2025.
At this time of year we can get a bit carried away with all of the present opening and eating (often the best bits of Christmas!) and forget about some of the disasters that could take place over the festive period!