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I'm in a rumbling SUV on an icy highway somewhere in the French Alps. Margot, a pig-tailed PR rep, is behind the wheel. She navigates a series of high-elevation twists and turns like a veteran fighter pilot.
A British student involved in a snowboarding accident in the French Alps has died. Emily Watts, known as Mimi, fell headfirst
An young snowboarder who crashed into a snowdrift on the first day of the season is in need of a "miracle", her devastated
The British family shot in the French Alps last month may have had links to ex-Iraqi dictator, Saddam Hussein. Saad Al-Hilli
The Iraqi-born British father who was gunned down with his family in the French Alps in September, attempted to drive off
French media has speculated about the "unanswered questions" from the police investigation into the shooting massacre of
A walker has described his horror on arrival at the remote spot where a British man was murdered alongside his wife and mother
Face it: it's over. Euro 2012 is a distant memory, the Olympic bunting is being pulled down as we speak and the wind is already
The campsite in the French Alps where the murdered family was holidaying One man, thought to be one of the last people to
A seven-year-old school girl whose parents were murdered in a shooting spree during a family holiday in the French Alps has
An elderly woman who was among the victims of a gun attack on a British family in the French Alps has been confirmed as the
A girl of four who survived the French Alps shooting spree has returned to the UK, while her seriously injured older sister
Seven-year-old Zainab al-Hilli, shot in the shoulder, violently beaten and left in the road, has come out of her medically
The British father murdered in the Alps last week could have been killed over his links to the defence industry, and the
A four-year-old girl who hid under the corpse of her dead mother following a gun attack in the French Alps has returned to
Four people gunned down in the French Alps had each been shot twice in the head, prosecutors have revealed. Saad al-Hilli
Police investigating the murder of four people who were gunned down in the French Alps have sent four officers to Britain
The four-year-old girl whose mother, father and grandmother were gunned down in a shooting in the French Alps this week has
French authorities were investigating whether the massacre of three members of a British family was related to a feud between
The motive behind the "savage" slaying of three members of a British family in their car in the French Alps remained a mystery