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France will now see shops stay open on Sundays, Prime Minister Manuel Valls has revealed, in a bid to turn around the country's
One Twitter user wrote that it was "reassuring to see what the English think about us!", while another dubbed him "idiot
Few politicians have had as bad a start to 2014 as Francois Hollande. Enough has been written about his private life already, but that aside - the situation with the French economy must be causing him even more sleepless nights.
French president Francois Hollande has been branded "failing", eccentric" and "rather undignified" by Tory MPs after the
Financial reward is the mechanism that creates work in the free market. By taking the incentive for working and developing new skills away, it undermines the fundamental functioning of the free market.
French business leaders have taken heart from the fact that a long-awaited report on competitiveness will not be quietly buried.
France's credit rating was cut by Moody's on 19 November, following a similar move in January by Standard & Poors. Moody's