In a previous article for the Huffington Post I went public about my language shame; well I am pleased to announce that I am (hopefully) on the course to rectifying this rather embarrassing situation. I have decided to start taking language classes so I should be able to speak something other than English...
Having recently moved overseas to work as an intern, I have been spending some time pondering what have been the most awkward moments of adapting to life in Belgium. Now I have given this some serious thought...
You can always gauge the happiness level of a country when you step into one of their taxis. "'Ello love" is the genuine greeting from any London cabbie who then natters about the weather and thrusts the Currant Bun/Sun in your hands. You'd be lucky with a grunt in Paris.
Populaire boasts an offbeat premise. In the 1950s bright, ambitious Rose Pamphyle (Deborah Francois) wants to be a modern
A leading anti-racism group in France has for the first time backed a defendant who claims to have been assaulted for being
I often think I should have been born in a different era. In 1920's Paris or a little town in the French countryside. I would
Britain's announcement confirming the deployment of 330 military personnel to assist French military intervention in Mali
Malian soldiers boarding a French Transall military plane in Bamako, Mali “We are winning in Mali," French President Francois
Britain is sending up to 330 military personnel to help train a West African intervention force in Mali, Downing Street has
David Cameron was "very sad" on Wednesday at the Church of England's decision not to accept women bishops. If there is one