Thursday was GCSE results day. By 9am various parts of the media had whipped themselves up into a collective frenzy over
French fashion brand Jours Après Lunes has released an underwear collection for girls aged 4-12. The 'Fille' range is seen
It's the go-to brand for stars who love their street style, and now French designer Isabel Marant is coming to London. With
When I asked one of my French friends how this links with weight control, I was awarded a gloriously Gallic shrug and the simple explanation that if something doesn't taste good she won't eat it. She deserves better, as does her body.
It is ironic that French men are so far from French women who are obsessed with their bodies. Pharmacies are full of slimming potions, gels and pills. I know many who smoke so they don't eat. They also do the Posh Spice thing of nibbling slowly, taking small bites and leaving half of their meal. Its about time the French guys got on board. Paris is littered with old pot belly men and young stick thin women.