freshers week

Anyone who has watched Mean Girls will know the student population can be neatly divided into cliched stereotypes. The nerds
A video has emerged on the internet of a university's fresher welcome video... from 1972. The video was made by the University
With increased fees now a reality, it is necessary to change the terms of the debate by looking beyond whether this is the right funding model. Students being charged these amounts need to know how to make the most of an expensive degree.
Officially Fresher's Week marks the start of the academic year when the new students are welcomed into university life. We learn to navigate our way around campus, we join societies, we socialise and form new friendships. We find out that it's not a good idea to wash mixed colours with white clothes, that pizzas easily burn and that we don't need six kettles in one flat.
Oxbridge students were under the spotlight on Monday after their shenanigans were made public - but their antics seem blissfully
Freshers' week starts in less than a fortnight and many students across the country will be preening themselves for a week
Alcohol will always have a place in the SU bar, but that doesn't mean it should be all that freshers' week has to offer. Universities and student unions owe it to their students to offer a diverse range of freshers' events, for both drinkers and non-drinkers.
For those who will soon be heading off to University, September is an odd time of year. The nerves and exhilaration of 16 August have been and gone, the summer - if you can call it that - is dwindling to a close, and the thought of moving out and going to live in a new city (which probably felt impossibly distant in the build-up to Results Day), is suddenly right around the corner.
There's no two ways about it - most of you will probably end up getting drunk, trollied, bladdered, plastered, out of your
What comes to mind when you consider the phrase 'University life'? Something along the lines of Freshers' Flu, wild parties and very late nights, perhaps? Well, you'd be right about the last one.