Love may be blind, but that doesn't mean the rest of us want to see you rooting for gold in each others mouth on the escalators
Here's what surprised me about my friends - they knew me a lot better than I gave them credit for. So here's a list of the five things that showed me how amazing my friends are...
I love writing (though granted, not as much as I love talking) and I've just been reminded of my life-long interest in putting pen to paper*(*false nails to keyboard) when I recently re-discovered, and re-read, those most cringe-worthy of tomes - my teenage diaries.
I don't necessarily think that a soulmate needs to be one in the romantic sense. It can be in a best friend, in a sister, or even in some random person that the universe decides to send into your direction.
The last six months have been a steep learning curve in so many respects. One of the first things I realised was that while my world might have temporarily stopped turning, the world in general had not...
Post fashion week, after seeing another season of air kissing whilst checking out the rest of the room, made me think about friendship trends. Friend is an interesting word these days. It can mean anything from a genuine friendship with a loved one you have known for years, to someone you met once.
Finally there is a solution to cheapskate mates who go quiet when the restaurant bill arrives. *takes a deep breath, smiles
In an odd oxy-moron everyone's university experience is both completely different and yet exactly the same. You'll come home from first term at Christmas, meet up with your school friends, start eagerly reciting everything that has happened and find that everyone has similar stories.
If you've been brought up in Western society your first exposure to polyamory probably occurred through pop culture.
My best mate is turning 30 in November, and has sadly told me, instead of having a full on two day bender of a birthday, she is keeping it "low key", because sadly, she doesn't think any our friends would come. One of the babies is teething, the other isn't sleeping well, one can't afford the trip... etc.