Staycation - it's new new word for holidaying in this country. It's a bit of a trend - apparently. But for me it's become
One wonderful upside about breaking up with a friend - apart from the sheer freedom of not ever having to see them again - is that you understand more about yourself. About what you are looking for in a friend.
So - it's the summer holidays - six weeks of sorting out the children, keeping them entertained, feeding them all day long and sorting out the battles - doesn't sound much fun does it!
One of the biggest challenges facing many people when they look at how they can refer other people is the fear that they will upset friends in the process.
After rising to prominence as everyone's favourite fictional palaeontologist in Friends, one may expect David Schwimmer to be happy to rest on his comedy laurels. That his latest project is an altogether more serious tale of paedophiles, internet grooming and sexual assault may therefore come as a surprise to many, but this shift in focus is apparently the culmination of seven years of heartfelt production and one that the director does not take lightly.
David Schwimmer has revealed that he is a big fan of British television shows, including the BBC's Sherlock and Luther.