Matthew Perry is eager for his former Friends co-stars to make cameo appearances in his new TV show. The actor, who played
Between 1994 and 2004, the world was in love with the fictional lives of six fictional people as they went about being handsome
Seeing some of the old Friends back together has made us come over all nostalgic, in fact we may have just burst into a spontaneous
Episodes slipped onto our screens last year, with the unique selling point of a fading TV star Matt LeBlanc played by… Matt
A factor that distinguishes the doers from the non-doers is their level of etiquette. Depending on how a client decides to conduct themselves, be that on a business or personal note, can determine the outcome of a coaching assignment.
Matt LeBlanc returns in the second series of Episodes on BBC2 on 11 May, with a Golden Globe under his arm and an Emmy nomination
The Twitter account @FriendsSeason11 describes itself as tweeting "increasingly desperate pitches for a Friends reunion season
Friends can feel like the infrastructure of our lives, our sounding board, our pick me up. They can also give us enormous pain when they are lost, like any connected, loving relationship. Take those that stay, say goodbye to those that go, but don't lose sight of your ability to make connections and that sometimes in life, what fits one period, doesn't fit another.
I have had some real friendship tests recently. In Paris you meet many expats who then go back home. Perhaps I am calling into my life these wandering minstrels to teach me to deal with change or I am attracted to foreign cultures. Either way it has been a learning curve.
So, the hotly anticipated, latest US import New Girl has arrived, and, judging by the very mixed reviews the show has garnered, it's caused somewhat of a Zooey-shaped stir. Reviews are divided, the twittersphere even more so. Just who is that girl?