Matt LeBlanc has ruled out a Friends movie - because he'd rather fans remember the beloved TV characters as they were when
I can't help noticing that a lot of self-help advice is not actually that useful. Being inspirational is all very well, but being told, for example, "stop worrying" and "stop blaming other people for your problems" and "you can't love others till you love yourself" is getting a bit grating.
I have a confession to make. I posted recently about my leaving Twitter. Well, it's true I did but the good people at Tweet central give you 30 days in which to chew on the prospect of committing social suicide and it pains me to say I did skulk back like a recently divorced man to his mother.
What if we could prove, with science, that interacting with friends and contacts on Facebook and Twitter has the same benefits to your wellbeing as being down the pub with them?
For some, New Year's Eve is the worst night of the year. Heaven knows, it was the worst romantic comedy of the year. But
I'm not here to say the internet's full of rubbish and there's never anything on, like so much multi-channel TV. If a cat falls off the back of a sofa in shock because someone dressed their baby up like Che Guevara, of course I want to be there. But people, I know you. I hand picked you out of seven billion. Have some dignity.
I am a demanding friend I do admit. I expect too much. I always did. As a child I'd be terribly disappointed when a playdate was cancelled or when Maisy or Poppy decided she was no longer my best-est friend.
Fox should have iced The Simpsons about a decade ago, as it was around that time that it started haemorrhaging the funny at alarming speed. As it currently stands, watching The Simpsons is like seeing the one-time best footballer in the world playing Saturday league and getting paid in bottles of Lucozade.
It has been said that breaking up is hard to do. When a divorce isn't amicable and involves former spouses determined not to give ground in their attempts to exit a marriage with the means of making a fresh start, it can sometimes be expensive too.
For some things there are simply no excuses. Getting too pissed on a work night and subjecting your poor colleagues to inhaling second-hand ethanol fumes whilst complaining about the phones ringing probably won't go down too well with the boss.