I am a demanding friend I do admit. I expect too much. I always did. As a child I'd be terribly disappointed when a playdate was cancelled or when Maisy or Poppy decided she was no longer my best-est friend.
Fox should have iced The Simpsons about a decade ago, as it was around that time that it started haemorrhaging the funny at alarming speed. As it currently stands, watching The Simpsons is like seeing the one-time best footballer in the world playing Saturday league and getting paid in bottles of Lucozade.
It has been said that breaking up is hard to do. When a divorce isn't amicable and involves former spouses determined not to give ground in their attempts to exit a marriage with the means of making a fresh start, it can sometimes be expensive too.
For some things there are simply no excuses. Getting too pissed on a work night and subjecting your poor colleagues to inhaling second-hand ethanol fumes whilst complaining about the phones ringing probably won't go down too well with the boss.
As I start to write this post, I'm not sure how I'm going to start it and I don't know what reaction I will get. But today I read the story of Topman and the T shirts that were banned because of sexist comments - and it brought back a whole load of memories for me.
I had all but lost faith in love and then I met my soul-mate, my beau, my now husband. Words of love had up to then been used but never really felt. Somehow despite my romantic self I felt that the breathless, profound love people talked about in films and books was an illusion, an unrealistic expectation.
Staycation - it's new new word for holidaying in this country. It's a bit of a trend - apparently. But for me it's become
One wonderful upside about breaking up with a friend - apart from the sheer freedom of not ever having to see them again - is that you understand more about yourself. About what you are looking for in a friend.
So - it's the summer holidays - six weeks of sorting out the children, keeping them entertained, feeding them all day long and sorting out the battles - doesn't sound much fun does it!
One of the biggest challenges facing many people when they look at how they can refer other people is the fear that they will upset friends in the process.