fringe diaries

Like a month into your first year at University, just one week in to the festival I was overly tired, bloated, and erratically emotional and my new white converse were ruined from cheap drink spillage and muddy rain.
I was at the Edinburgh Fringe for the duration and, outside of our own female-centric activities, it seemed that misogyny abounded with an unusual amount male comics telling jokes about rape and domestic violence.
There's 2 small notebooks with jottings about shows and sights and sounds that I'll be looking through and posting from for the next couple of days. The highs... the lows... the sticky toffee pudding. But first I'll be driving my mom back to Dead Lake (unfortunate name, but a very nice lake).
Before I left Edinburgh this week, I had a drink with comedian-writer-photographer Ian Fox  who was attacked in the street last Wednesday night.
Friday August 24th, 2012 I sure hope the 'blog cops' don't collar me for not posting anything last night. It wasn't premeditated
Dear Edinburgh Fringe, Look, you know I love you. We've been together for 15 years now (remember?! I was handing out flyers on the Royal Mile. You were the Royal Mile). I adore you.
I'd like to apologise in advance if this article crosses the boundary from critical praise into sycophancy but I genuinely can't recommend Alfie Brown's comedy stylings enough.
We're in Edinburgh for the final week of the Fringe, and we've never seen so many stars. And we don't just mean Tim Key in
Award-winning duo Max & Ivan are back at the Edinburgh Fringe with an epic narrative sketch comedy about a heist. Want to
Our largest audience yet. Lucky for us, one of them was a professional reviewer... for the Edinburgh Guide no less. She informed us after our show that she was giving us a five star review, and that we could instantly add the stars to our postcards (flyers) and posters.