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So my friend Mike coins all these phrases and words. He speaks what seems like his own language. Marcotte-isms you could call them. A word he uses to describe anything British, is 'Faversham'. As in "Mansfield Park is totally Faversham".
Comedian Garrett Millerick is back at the Edinburgh Fringe with a new show entitled Sensible Answers To Stupid Questions
When I first found out my stand up show at the Edinburgh Fringe would be at 11:30 PM every night, I'll admit I was a little panicked. First of all, if I wasn't a comedian, I gotta fess up and admit I'd probably head to bed at about 8:00, maybe 8:45 on a kicking evening. So 11:30 sounded like a fake time to me, a time where no one exists in an awake state except comics driving home from gigs, or lorry drivers hauling Tesco sandwiches somewhere. And you know, hookers.
Fliss Russell brings her debut character comedy show to the Edinburgh Fringe this month. And to get us in the mood, she's
WitTank - aka the stars of BBC Three's Live At The Electric - are back with a brand new sketch show at the Edinburgh Fringe
Acclaimed stand-up Chris Ramsey was nominated for the Foster's Comedy Award at last year's Edinburgh Fringe. This year, he's
It's The Three Musketeers - as you've never seen them before! YouTube singing sensations Barbershopera sing us through their
Monday August 6th, 2012 We had a great show this morning. Our show goes up at 11:20 A.M. and we had our largest audience
If you want to see the stand-up stars of the future, head to The Comedy Zone at this year's Edinburgh Fringe. As always, it
It's week two of the Fringe! We survived the 7 ½ hour van ride up here from London (actually two of us came by train - in first class - but we'll let you guess which two), we survived the previews and our first reviewer *cough* 5 Stars *cough* and while it's hardly stopped raining, we've decided to look at the weather through an Instagramed eye.
Catriona Knox creates and performs a selection of "funny, sad, ridiculous and slightly sinister" characters for her hotly
Marcel Lucont has that certain je ne sais quoi that makes him one of the greatest raconteurs appearing at this year's Edinburgh
Ah... Edinburgh. You've lured me in again! With your dark nooks and crannies and your cobblestone streets. You’re more than
Miranda Hennessy's debut character show - which she performs with her eponymous friends, David Seymour and Steven Shapland
There's a thin line between being funny and being ridiculous. Between being the extreme embodiment of one strand of your personality and being a living caricature. Between 'not taking yourself too seriously' and your whole life being one long, drawn-out post-university fallow period.
The very funny, very talented Gráinne Maguire is taking her second solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe this year. And if you
Award-winning comedian Tom Deacon has already appeared on your radios and tellies. But this month, he's all about the live
Edinburgh. Auld Reekie. Athens of the North. And home of the world's greatest arts festival. Where better for a hungry young
Commentators were stunned today as LOCOG announced that next week, in a new effort to cut costs The Olympic Games would be twinned with the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.
We love comedy and we love jazz, so we absolutely love The Horne Section - and, dare we say it, so should you. They're returning