fickr | Hunter Desportes The Red Harvester Ant, living in the Southwest of the United States, has the most toxic venom of
On 2 June microbiologists will be discussing how crocodiles, frogs and snakes can help us fight infections. Antibiotics are
And why are they fascinated (apart from the fact that: IT'S AN IPHONE)? Because it's showing a video of some worms! Yes, if
Scientists at Chester Zoo have implanted fluorescent silicone gel into the legs of frogs to better identify the more than
This is the moment a seemingly friendly frog launches a vicious (ok ok, it's not that vicious) attack on a woman.
This video of a Namaqua Rain Frog was shot by Dean Boshoff, who found the cute little critter in sand dues along Port Nolloth
"Waitrose! Waitrose! There's a live frog in my salad." "Well, keep the noise down, madam, or everyone will want one." Ahem
Ah, look at the cute little froggy that's found its way on to somebody's car door in this video from YouTube Petsami. Let's
A frog has been named after Prince Charles in a reversal of the usual fairytale fortunes for an amphibian. The unusual honour
They’re slippery, green, cold-blooded and will stop at nothing to win. Yes these ambitious amphibians are battling it out