Frost* are an extraordinary band. Part of their allure may be their commitment to hardly ever playing live. One expected to see Attenborough in attendance, such is the rarity of these creatures being on the stage together. It is, however, worth the wait...
London was covered in a blanket of frost on Sunday morning, as it was revealed temperatures could plummet to an all-winter
Atmospheric pictures reveal Britain plunged to the lowest temperatures of the year last night, as minus 8.7 degrees Celsius
Why do we get so excited about the snow? Snow is all we talk about when it arrives and the thrill and anticipation of 'snow days' is not just for the kids. Are our lives so boring that snow brings with it such a much needed change of pace? Well, frankly, yes!
Britain could plunge back into a bitter winter by the end of this week after a month of mild temperatures. The change in
Crank up the radiator, bury deep into the duvet, and climb into some fleecey pyjamas: tonight is forecast to be the coldest
Parts of France are frozen, snow has settled in Georgia and it's unbearably cold in Romania. Winter has breathed across much
It was a windy night for weather, with gusts reaching up to 75mph as winter storms buffeted Britain as it slept on Wednesday
Thick fog that descended upon British roads and shrouded the country in a gloomy mist is set to continue, with gales, ice