Frozen Planet

Sir David Attenborough's new BBC wildlife series will tell viewers when animals are filmed in specially controlled conditions
John Whaite was a delighted winner of this year's baking trophy John Whaite, a 23-year-old law graduate (whose cooking inspiration
There's only place on the planet left to discover, according to Sir David Attenborough. "The ultra depths of the ocean is
Sir David Attenborough believes TV naturalists like him could become extinct and replaced by amateurs from the YouTube generation
Frozen Planet, which was hit by controversy after it emerged its footage of newborn polar bear cubs was actually filmed in
Even though I'm about as good as it gets, I realised that it is about that time of year to start thinking about how to better myself in the coming 12 months. I've drawn up three for now, let me know yours in the comments section.
The Downton Abbey special, to be screened on Christmas Day, has already come under fire for its misrepresentation of '20s fashions. Former editor of the Shooting Times, Tony Jackson has publicly berated the episode in the Daily Telegraph over a promotional still which shows a shooting party wearing leather gaiters. Disgusting, right?
His slender hips sway hypnotically from side to side, furry feet a-tapping to the Latino beat: meet Stuart the salsa dancing
Nature documentaries never aim to project complete realism onto our screens. Killer whales don't actually chew on penguins in slow-motion. The Antarctic landscape doesn't glisten and sweep like a David Lean epic, its inhabitants are not permanently viewed through a cinematic filter that would make a tramp's mongrel look like the most majestic of all God's beasts.
In the wake of social media playing a large part in worldwide coverage of disasters, newspaper hacking scandals and more - we are evolving and we're beginning to get used to joining in the conversation on a massive scale.