Fuel Bills

Ed Davey announced today that he intends to up the competitive ante by enabling consumers to switch energy suppliers within a 24 hour timeframe, thus increasing market activity and forcing better value.
I don't doubt that across the UK this winter, austerity measures and rising fuel costs will put many pensioners with limited means in a horribly difficult position. However, at the same time I don't doubt that the same difficult decision will be faced by many younger adults, and children too.
Real people are facing real agonies over whether to heat or eat. Indeed, some recipients of emergency supplies from food banks are so poor they're returning tinned goods that require cooking because they can't afford the power to heat the food.
Having cancer costs the average patient around £570 a month, research suggests. Four in five cancer patients are forced to
Four out of 10 people are worried they cannot afford their next energy bill, according to new research. The study, commissioned
Cancer patients are becoming increasingly reliant on charity handouts to heat their homes as they struggle to pay rising
A quarter of households in England and Wales are now living in fuel poverty, as the government looks set to miss its target
British Gas has promised to simplify energy tariffs and provide a more transparent billing system in a bid to regain the
The UK has an opportunity to drastically reform its dysfunctional energy markets and improve the transparency and competitiveness