fun activities

A list of fun ideas to try out if you ever find yourself on a short stay in South Africa's 'Mother City'.
Best of all, these ideas are budget-friendly, too.
1. Start indoors. Get the kids playing with their toys or on an imaginary adventure and get the camera out. They'll love showing you - and the camera - what they're doing and an invitation into their world can bring about some great shots. If it's rainy outside a good old-fashioned raindrop on the window race can make for some great reflection images.
As summer turns to autumn the lovely green trees turn red and brown...but unfortunately at some point in this season our lovely children go from a sun-kissed glow to pale and green. It's bug time people! I'm not talking the crusty noses and coughs. I'm talking stomach bugs. Horrible, icky, stomach bugs.
Fun and often whacky activities can create the happiest memories for both children and parents. I still treasure the memory of creating kitchen mayhem aged seven, when baking rainbow bread with my dad.
And a handy little tip when all else fails in calming a fraught baby? Well, why not prise that lid off and give it a go. You never know when the sudden sound of an instrument from the noisy box might be the change in atmosphere that you both need. But perhaps stick to the gentler sounds of the handbells or flexatones; "Fun" Auntie's full-size cymbals might be a step too far!
This got me thinking about some simple whole-family activities and fun we can all be enjoying with kids this Easter. Put down the electronics, step away from the television and go after some good old fashioned Easter fun! We should all have some time off over the upcoming bank holidays and Easter break, so here are some Easter activities everyone can enjoy:
Six weeks of summer and the media is reporting a £600 spend on entertaining the kids. That's up 50% on 2012 figures and doesn't include childcare.
So how are your preparations going for the big day? Have you peeled that mountain of spuds and taken delivery of a turkey
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