fun facts

There are Resident Orcas which are the most commonly seen in the Pacific East. They travel in strong, cohesive family pods and eat mainly fish but on occasion squid. They are creatures of habit and visit the same locations continuously.
You may be a true between-the-sheets acrobat, but if you think you know all there is to know about sex, you're wrong. Did
Pulling a funny face when applying mascara? Hiding a tampon up your sleeve to nip to the loo at work? Been there, done that
As the "third pillar" of health, as some might call it, (along with nutrition and exercise) sleep is a fundamental ingredient
Each year Travelzoo picks its top five travel destinations for the year ahead - these are the destinations that they believe will offer the best value to visitors, as well as the most compelling reasons to visit.
Floods/tube strike/miserable weather getting you down? What if we told you, you're made out of stardust? And nope, it's not
Chances are you're holding a cup of coffee right now, aren't you? Whether you're the Caramel Macchiato person or have an
Whether you're struggling with your shopping bags or you just need someone to give you a break, random acts of kindness can
Ever giggled about the idea of silent but deadly farts? Sure you have. Whether it's from chewing too much gum or simply eating
The EDL are in the news again. But how much do you really know about this hilarious bunch of japesters? Impress your friends