funny baby videos

Ally the baby is learning how to use her baby bouncer. Daykota the dog, meanwhile, loves shadows. And as a result, a) she's
We think it's safe to say that Maisie is a big Ed Sheeran fan. Because when his song 'Don't' comes on the car stereo, she
This is why you should never give a birthday cake to a one-year-old. Or rather: why you should... if you want a hilarious
Kaysi is now eight years old - so when this video was filmed in 2007, she was just a (very cute) baby. As you can see, she'd
Thank you, Tristen Combs, for caputuring this moment on camera. Her other half didn't realise his bathtime song for his baby
Andy Keher was just checking in on his twins Molly and Megan, who were supposed to be asleep. "I put the babies to bed and
Who's the greatest muscle man in this family: Hadley (age: eight months) or his dad (age: considerably older than eight months
Twins! They're double the cuteness, double the fun... ...and they make it doubly difficult when you're trying to get stuff
Well, we say the baby is taking the dog for a walk - but it's rather the other way around. Of course, it's not the first
And who can blame him? Everyone knows the hand that controls the remote control has all the power. Of course, you know who