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HOW much do we love this little kid? A lot. That's how much. Eat your heart out, Miley Cyrus! SEE ALSO: The Best 'Wrecking
"I laughed out loud when I found this on my phone," writes YouTuber saxtonmaryann. "My sneaky (12 month old) girl apparently
The only thing cuter than a baby giggling? A baby giggling at a cat. And thankfully, someone has made this. Click play to
Well, it is utterly delightful - plus it's got a good beat. So we don't blame this baby for getting down to some good ol
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Garrett and Phoenix. Garrett and Phoenix are having a deep and meaningful conversation, as you
Which is cuter? a) A baby b) A crawling baby c) An Alaskan Malamute d) An Alaskan Malamute imitating a crawling baby e) Two
Not surprisingly. Have you SEEN how cool this toy is?! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
Ah. If only it were acceptable etiquette as an adult to plonk your face into your birthday cake. Babies. They don't know
The finest rendition of 'An American Trilogy' you'll hear today. Take it away, Ella Mae..! (Via Tastefully Offensive)
So this is the Nationwide jingle. And this baby really doesn't like it. Not one bit...(Via Twenty Two Words)