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You thought it was all about the 'Harlem Shake' now, didn't you? But you were wrong! Because the kids are still doing 'Gangnam
"Fast asleep on a little car ride, she can sleep thru anything," writes Amaya's dad bigrob57, "anything but her favorite
To be fair to the kid in this video, we think we'd freak out if we were sitting in front of this particularly awesome ball
Hoorah! Gavin McInnes is back with another instructional video! Yes, after recently bringing us his top self-defence tips
"Some people believe that babies have the ability to speak their own language," says YouTube channel ToddleTale. "Others
Move over, baby who will only eat to 'Gangnam Style'. There's a new Psy fan in town. Yes, this 7-month-old cutie isn't letting
The only thing cuter than a baby laughing is, we think you'll agree, a baby laughing at an animal. So step - or rather, crawl
Altogether now: *flurry of violins* dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, dun dun DUN DUN, DUNNER NERRRR! DUNNER
Now here's someone destined for a great future in showbiz. And we don't just mean the guy with the guitar. Yes, step forward
We're not sure whether the video above is very helpful or very worrying. On the one hand, if you're a parent who has a problem