funny bird videos

Never let it be said that Matthew McConaughey parrots his lines. Because it's more a case of the other way around. Yes, hello
Seriously. We could watch this delightful daftness on loop. Altogether now: "Da-da dada dada da da..." SEE ALSO: Two Parrots
Ladies and gentlemen, meet the grey parrot that appears to be the MC Hammer of the avian world. (Via Viral Viral Videos)
It's National Pet Month! And being a lover of all things animal-related at HuffPost UK Comedy, we thought it only right that
He's up all night to get clucky! Yes, say hello to Casper - a bird whose plumage is as exquisite as his taste in music...(Via
Our day? Made. By Ollie the African Grey parrot here, who not only whistles along to Monty Python's song when it's played
Everyone knows that every animal in Australia is out to kill you (snakes, spiders, even kangaroos) in the most horrific method
Not being animal experts (despite the number of cat videos we watch on a daily basis), we have no idea why our feathered
There are well-trained pets... and there's this parrot. Yes, you may start watching this video thinking it's been manipulated
That is all. And yet... that's all it needs to be. Well, we say that. But much as we love this funny little video, we do