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Animals can be jerks sometimes. Mostly cats. But they can also be the best friends in the world, helping out their fellow
In which a dog has something to tell his owner... and it's really rather moving. Somebody pass the tissues! (Via The Daily
At last! It's a follow-up to the old joke 'How do you get two whales in a Mini?'. It's: How do you get a labrador in a bucket
To paraphrase Gareth from 'The Office'/Derek: who would win in a fight between a dog and a tiger cub? We think this viral
Awww - look, everyone! Elmer the pug's got a new pink hoodie - although he's not too sure whether it suits him. And, truth
Now, we're fond of dogs. And we're fond of Jane Fonda. (See what we did there?) So imagine how chuffed we were to stumble
Well done, Internet, you've got us again. Just when you think you've seen every single possibly amusing animal video on the