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A sad truth of life is that sometimes we need to take medicines we don't like, and it's the same for dogs. This poor pup
Maymo, an adorable lemon beagle, has decided to run for president of the United States in 2016. If he manages to file all
In case you ever needed more proof that dogs are awesome, one owner has trained his clever black labrador to fetch beer from
Uh-oh, this little pup has been caught in the act, being very, very naughty. Chewing up paper isn't allowed, and he knows
The internet's favourite dog Doug The Pug is back, and this time he's joining in on one of the biggest film phenomena of
Heavy metal fan and pug owner Kiriakos Kazakos knows exactly how to create a viral hit. All you need to do is dress a dog
It's #ForceFriday, the day we get inundated with all sorts of nerdy new toys for the upcoming 'Star Wars' film. Rather than
We can't get enough of Doug The Pug, especially when he recreates celebrity pictures with his adorable little face. This
When Cuzzie the Dog gets an itchy bum, he'll make use of anything he can to scratch it. When he uses the wall, it looks a
Dogs can look derpy at the best of times, but if you put them in slow motion you realise just how messed up their faces go