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Leaving the handbrake off when parking your Mustang convertible? Not that impressive. Running after it, leaping into it and
Motorists! Need to deal with a fellow driver who's got a touch of road rage? Why, simply wind down the back window of your
Viral Viral Videos calls this woman 'daring'. That's one word for it. The 58-year-old from Šibenik drove her Peugeot over
Twenty Two Words calls this person 'the world's dumbest red-light runner'. But as you can see, they're the world's stupidest
We think this rather wonderful video provides the answer. In short: it's more than you'd think. (Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath
Well, it's one way to amuse yourself (and someone else), isn't it?
Take one Norwegian. Take one Audi. Turn on said Audi's voice command system. Watch hilarity (and rage) ensue. (Via Blame
Meanwhile, in Russia... one person's drift in an Opel Corsa turns into a really quite spectacular example of parallel parking
Meanwhile, in Mongolia... proof that driving - or directing - a UAZ isn't as easy as it looks. As Daily Picks And Flicks
Want a lesson in how not to leave a car park? Watch this video from Poland, above. And if you don't have four minutes to
We take our hat off to this Chinese cyclist. And we're sure they'd do the same, if they didn't have a mattress where that
Picture the scene. You were having a nice mug of tea just before you set out in your car... and then... Well, put it this
Whether you like cool cats, bad drivers or silly rap battles, there's something for everyone in this week's funny viral video