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Ouch. Nope. No thank you, we'll stick to sitting in the stands. MORE FAILS: THIS Is How You Recover From A Treadmill Fail
And this week's Alanis Morissette Award For Irony goes to... this video! For in it, a man - believed to be a member of the
There's 'shaking it off'.... and there's shaking it off. Watch and learn, people. THIS is how you recover from a treadmill
The FailArmy round-ups continue with this celebration of the great outdoors... ...well, the great outdoors and the great
We're actually being a little generous with that headline. Because as you can see, this motorist in Calgary, Canada, actually
Here at HuffPost UK Comedy, we love nothing more than funny cat videos videos that show real-life events which could have
See what happens when you leave a father and son at home with a bottle of wine?! "My son Noah and I using Soda Stream machine
Yes, you know what's coming... ...or do you?! Because this video supplies not one but TWO moments of glorious slapstick. Oh
Got 10 seconds to spare? Good. Watch this. It's about as satisfying as 10-second videos can get... (Via Daily Picks And Flicks
Proof, if it were needed, that taking your shirt off doesn’t always make you macho and cool… Thank you, Fail Army. SEE ALSO