funny fails

We're only a month and a bit through 2016, and already the internet has been flooded with videos of people making fools of
This recording from a Greek Second Division game shows exactly why you don't want to be injured when these particular medics
It's nearly here folks. That's right... Yes, the summer holidays are just around the corner, waiting for us like some huge
Of course, it doesn't just happen in photos, either... - than we read about a bicycle kit that's caused quite a stir on Groupon
It'll be alright on the night... as long as it's not election night. Handface and David Schneider round up some of the funniest
Gawd bless you, Southport FC fan. Gawd bless you and your big, white, Walter White underpants. Yes, this supporter decided
The US Masters is about to start - but if there's one thing you can learn from this collection of YouTube's finest golfing
This poor little Scottish kid didn't have the best experience of Easter egg-rolling at the weekend... Bless him. Better luck
And this week's Alanis Morissette Award For Irony goes to... this video! For in it, a man - believed to be a member of the
In which members of an Irish hunt club in County Longford tackle a canalside stretch - and one of them (Terry Whyte) comes