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GIFs are the ever-relevant moving images able to explain our emotions and feelings better than words ever could. Now Reddit
It's nearly here folks. That's right... Yes, the summer holidays are just around the corner, waiting for us like some huge
Eurovision 2016 is here! Ici! Hier! And we can barely contain our excitement. Why? Because we are bound to hear and/or see
Whether you're bored of the general election coverage or anxious at the prospect of your party not gaining power - or possibly
Are you back at work today after the all-too-brief Easter break? We're pretty sure these GIFs will sum up how you feel... (All
According to John Oliver, people who prank other people on April Fool's Day are sociopaths. One look at these GIFs may prove
In the words of The Guardian: "It is Larry David’s world, and we are just living in it". Yes, as the creator of 'Seinfeld
Having a rough day? It could be worse - you could be one of these people (or cows)....
Miss the 87th Academy Awards ceremony? Not got half a day spare to watch it now? Fear not. From Neil Patrick Harris's 'Birdman
As Bill Murray so memorably said in 'Groundhog Day'... Indeed. So how should you deal with these couple of flakes, Northeast
New Year's Eve is a brilliant celebration, the end of a year, the start of another, the start of something new and the appearance of the 'New year, new me' Facebook status. So here's a list of reasons why New Year is hilariously predictable and ridiculously annoying...
There are all kinds of reasons why having a dog or a cat is worthwhile. But for now, let's concentrate on the most pressing
Jennifer Lawrence is nothing if not animated - both on and off-screen. So what better way to celebrate the wonderful young
Everyone: meet Dramatic Ferret. Dramatic Ferret: meet everyone. At last, the internet has found a worthy successor to Dramatic
Wow. Just: wow. Our stomach? Oh, it went thataway... Check out the video below for more darevdevil action from this terrifying
Our celebration of National Pet Month continues with this: a picture, video and GIF collection of 28 pooches who have got
And when you die you can hit your phone with a hammer: Then Yoshi meets Flappy Bird, disaster ensues (Via Oestrahomundodek
Arnold Schwarzenegger went undercover at Gold's Gym in Venice, California with hilarious results. Arnie was 'Howard' for
From Jennifer Lawrence to Bono and P Diddy, just a few of the best moments from the 2014 Golden Globes, captured in GIF form
The best GIFS of the week from the last seven days include Rob Ford busting out some serious dance moves to Bob Marley's