funny goats

Happy New Year of the Goat! (Or sheep, depending who you speak to.) And to celebrate it, we've got goats (plus the occasional
Got one minute and 15 seconds to spare? Good. Make your day infinitely brighter by watching these two pygmy goats playing
Yes, we think everyone can down tools now. Because someone has made a mash-up of goats shouting the theme tune of 'Jurassic
"Saw this when walking home one day," writes YouTuber SignifyingSomething. "Aliens have invaded and taken the form of goats
Because it stars the internet's new favourite goat... Wimpy Goat! Of course, we did predict this, you know... (Via Blame
Or, to be more specific: release the baby goats! Yes, here's your short-but-sweet, feelgood video of the day, kids (geddit
Quite simply, the best six-second video you'll see today. We think Faucet the goat has got a great future as a pop star...
Meanwhile, down on the farm, one little fella has been spending too much time hanging around the chicken coop... It reminds
Bless them - they're just acting the goat. Or are they kidding around? Either way, this video is undoubtedly the best goats
"One day I came in the house and my kids came in and said "Mom you left the doors open on the car" I was like wow I thought