funny kittens

"Dobermans are horribly vicious dogs that CANNOT be trusted with small animals and or children!!!!" writes the YouTube uploader
The jazz band in 'The Aristocats' may be proof enough that cats have got rhythm. But just in case you weren't sure: check
This really is just too adorable. It's also our favourite cat jump fail since this one. (Via Most Watched Today)
This was apparently the first time this kitten and Staffordshire bull terrier had met. And as you can see, it all went swimmingly
Clearly, Beavis the Bengal cat has taken O2's mantra 'be more dog' to heart...
Kittens. They really can be annoying, you know. Especially when you're ill. (Via Daily Picks And Flicks)
It requires skill, a steady hand and opposable thumbs. But that isn't going to stop these kittens joining in with a game
Because every day needs an adorable/mesmerising kitten, right? And today, it's Suzie - a Scottish Fold cat that's about to
At last, a video which answer the important question de nos jours. Which is: how much cute can you handle?! (Via Huffington
Who said it was only dogs who could do tricks? Someone sign this kitty up for Russia's Got Talent!(Via Tastefully Offensive
Yes, yes, you know what's going to happen. But trust us: that doesn't make it any less funny. Bless! (Via Tastefully Offensive
In the words of Eric Cartman: "Bad kitty!" Yes, this cat has been caught red-pawed with some stolen money its mouth - and
And not just any kitten, oh no. A seven-toed one. Just in case you were wondering: cats normally have five toes on each front
A word to the wise: do NOT mess with kittens. Just take a look at the ikkle bundle of fluff in the video above, for example
So we've had goats that sound like humans. We've had humans sounding like goats that sound like humans. And now? Now, dear
Submitted without comment. Well, except to say: just wait for it... wait for it... Yes, a very silly internet moment is, as
Know what this day needs? A video of a kitten. Preferably in a glass. So HOORAH for the internets! And specifically for YouTuber
Recently, we've brought you Cat Vs Sock, Cat Vs Rice Cooker and Cat Vs Foil. But now it's time for our feline friends to
OK, let's imagine aliens have just landed from another planet and you've been put on the spot and ordered to quickly sum