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Wow. We didn't realise Jessie J was this bad live. Not to mention her guitarist. Just check out her performance here, as
And that's over 40 beer bottles, no less. Well, it is the Bottle Boys: five chaps from Denmark who regularly delight YouTube
Rob Cantor (and your accompanist Andrew Horowitz), take a bow. For the talented fellow not only wrote this original song
Because we're not just about the LOLZ here at HuffPost UK Comedy. We're also about the OOOHZ and the AAHZ and the ISNTTHATLOVELYZ
It's a beautiful love song about a woman and... well, we'll let you find out by watching comedian Rachel Parris's latest
Hurrah! Pleated Jeans have produced another Misheard Song Lyrics compilation! (Or 'twisted lyrics' - if you grew up in Britain
Men! Do women always think of you as a 'nice guy’? Are you stuck in ‘the friends zone’? Well, worry no longer. With lines
Hoorah for Ylvis! For not only have the Norwegian comedy duo brought us 'The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?)', but now there's
Why? Well, partly because it's Barenaked Ladies. These guys brought us 'One Week', after all. And partly because the song
And we mean that in a good way, of course. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, meet the newest so-bad-it-will-probably-make-her-star