funny notes

Kids have a habit of revealing a bit too much about their home life when they’re at school (no, the teacher didn’t need to
You may think you’re calling the shots when it comes to your child.  But this little boy has proved that he doesn’t need
Letters sent home from school often have the power to strike fear into the hearts of parents, but some notes are more worrisome
When we're sat near an inconsiderate passenger on a long-haul flight, most of us grin and bear it But a 24-year-old woman
A thief who broke into an elderly man's car to steal a blanket has apologised with probably the politest note on the planet
After a young Imgur user by the name of Jugeezy was dropped by his girlfriend of two years, he took out his anguish on the
To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning: How do I hate thee? Let me count the ways... Yes, dumping someone by fax is so
The photo below was posted to Reddit with the description "My friend found this on the floor of her 8th grade classroom" (UK