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"Boy have I seen some big, beautiful dicks around this country."
Just a few weeks after hitting the VMAs red carpet in a show-stopping outfit that called out slut-shaming, model Amber Rose
Actresses haven't been backward at coming forward this year on the inequalities of the movie industry in general, and their
The Final Episode Of Serial from Funny Or Die It's the podcast that's gripped the nation. And elsewhere. But now 'Serial
Sean Bean Death Scene - watch more funny videos There is, as you may be aware, a tongue-in-cheek online campaign to keep
We have compiled the best GIFs of the week created by our own Huffington Post picture desk. This week features Justin Bieber
Is the new iPhone 5C still too expensive for your taste? Then take a look at the brilliant new iPhone 5F! (Via Tastefully
Everything is Samuel L. Jackson's Fault from Samuel L Jackson Thinking of letting your kid watch a Samuel L. Jackson movie
Today we tip our hat to Funny Or Die - who have cunningly realised that theme of 'World War Z' fits rather nicely with the
Don't worry - it's not your fault if you look bitchy without meaning to. It's a disorder that affects millions of women every
iSteve Exclusive Teaser Trailer from iSteve Ashton Kutcher's Steve Jobs biopic isn't far away - but Funny Or Die have one
Move over, Nigella! Shut your cakehole, Ramsay! There's a brand new TV cook on the block - and he's already our all-time
As you go about your business today, do spare a thought for superstar model/actress Bar Refaeli, who's just launched an impassioned
Funny Or Die, Will Ferrell and Adam McKay's online funny factory, has done it again - and this time it's trailer clichés
A student who made a name for himself by photobombing sporting events holding a giant cut-out of his own gurning face has
Fans of The West Wing have waited a long time for this, but it's finally happened: the cast of The West Wing have reunited
Peeder Jigson isn't a real person - he's just a figment of comedian James Bachman's imagination - but he does look and act
The Webby Awards - "the leading international award honouring excellence on the Internet" - have announced their 2012 nominees
It may only be 44 seconds long, but Jean Dujardin's second Funny Or Die video is an absolute delight - though it may make