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"My siblings and I presented our parents with a puppy," writes Redditor ballroomaddict. "Decided to do so Lion King style
However your day's going, we guarantee it will be at least 20% brighter as a result of watching this video of a pomeranian
It's a classic battle, as old as time itself. But who will win: Pudge the corgi - or the stairs? (Via Tastefully Offensive
"I taught our 5 week old puppy to howl two days after we got her," writes YouTuber Mason Chance. "These dogs are smart." You're
The only thing funnier than a dog being taken for a walk by another dog? A dog being taken for a walk by a puppy. Although
Ladies and gentlemen, say hello to our little friend Pacino. Pacino possibly has the greatest name ever given to a puppy
Typical. You wait ages for one Confused Corgi Puppy video, and then two come along at once. Yes, hot on the furry little
A tip of that hat to our American cousins for pointing us in the direction of this video. For it shows a pit bull puppy - called