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A gallery of the week's silliest news snaps - including, yes, David Cameron pointing at fish. SEE ALSO: The Week In 50 Funny
We round up this week's 20 silliest snaps. (Warning: contains multiple images of royalty.) SEE ALSO: The Week In 50 Funny
Welcome to our all - well, slightly - new round-up of the week's silliest snaps. Twenty of them, to be precise. And it all
So Australian hockey player Jayde Taylor may have just posted the photo of the year: Attending the Commonwealth Games, the
Ellen DeGeneres: this boy sees your Oscars selfie, and raises you one - Yes, a selfie with the Queen - it doesn't get more
She visited the set of Game Of Thrones. She saw the Iron Throne. The Iron Throne! Yet still Queen Elizabeth II was unimpressed
From cuddly animals to less-cuddly politicians, we round up seven days' worth of silly snaps...
On 29th April 2011, William and Kate got married. That's the William and Kate. Not, say, your mate from school and your second
From the royals to those behaving like them - we round up this week's silliest snaps... SEE ALSO: Kate And William's Funniest
We think it's fair to say that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge seem to be having a good time, all the time. At least while