funny Russian videos

And amazingly, he succeeds. Yes, folks, it's the cow-rustling, Russian-style. Of course, you know what this reminds us of
You know what this day needs? A video of a cat larking around inside a knitted lampshade. So thank heavens that the YouTubers
Specifically, in this case, a Russian soldier. But we're sure it would work on any nationality. To paraphrase The Untouchables
Specifically: lighting a cigarette, Russian building worker-style. In a word? Teamwork. (Via Daily Picks And Flicks)
Remind us to try this if/when it snows in Britain. Or maybe not... (Via LiveLeak)
But who can blame him? If we were bouncing up and down on a bungee (off some sort of disused tower block), we think we'd
According to the description on this Russian video, this young chap was so keen to go to the toilet that he wriggled under
Want to send a long-distance package in Russia? You might want to reconsider after watching this YouTube clip, which shows
It has been, as Viral Viral Videos points out, a while since we saw a WTF? video from Russia. So thank goodness for the clip
Drivers! Next time your windscreen wipers fail on you (and hopefully they won't), don't put up with a blurry windscreen. Instead