funny sheep

Incredible how they just repeat what they're told. It's almost like they're some sort of sheep... (Via Nothing To Do With
Our day? Made. This fisherman's? Less so. (Via Petsami)
Need a laugh? Watch this. It's the best nine-second video you'll see today. Or possibly any day. (Via Pleated Jeans)
Man, that sheep is VICIOUS! (Via Twenty Two Words)
These New Zealand sheep are mad as hell, and they're not going to take it anymore...
Move over, 'goats shouting like humans' - there's a new impersonator in town! (Via 22 Words)
The only thing worse than being caught up in a sheep tornado is, surely, being chased by one of the b*ggers. Don't believe
Ah, look at the cute little sheep. See how it's trotted over to the fence to get a closer look at the humans who - for reasons