funny squirrels

Robert and Nancy Krampf discovered the perfect way to stop a squirrel raiding their bird-feeder: put Vaseline on the pole
Yes, he's judging you. SEE ALSO: Squirrel Selfie Goes Horribly Wrong (Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath)
Don't you just hate it when you carefully craft a model plane, only for it to be hijacked by a pesky squirrel? Click play
"What can you do with a clothes line, a few bits of wood, some trellis and enough sticky-back plastic to rival Blue Peter
Did you know that you can buy a coffee cup for squirrels? No, really. Here's a squirrel using one: And here's the product
Yes, you read that right. This new Petsami video shows a squirrel taking down a deer - in quite spectacular fashion. Well