funny tumblrs

First, there was Sports Balls Replaced With Cats. But now? Now there's the marvellous Brides Throwing Cats. Here are a few
Our new favourite Tumblr? Librarian Shaming - 'a place for those of us in libraryland to come clean'. It began with this
A tip of the hat to Redditor lederhosenbitches - whose name is only surpassed by his/her Photoshopped pictures, in which
The internet is a wondrous place. We have texts from dogs. Stuff on my cat. And now it is our pleasure to introduce the jewel
Bored at the office? Trying to put off some dull-but-necessary task? Then why not look around you and see if you can spot
You may recall that back in April, we posted about our new favourite funny Tumblr - and that was 'Text From Dog'. Thanks
Ladies and gentlemen, meet @OctoberJones. Talented animator, funny Tweeter and the owner of a bulldog... who texts him. Fortunately