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Was there ever such a couple more in synch with each other than Zoey Sterba and her moggy? We doubt it. (Top tip: make sure
A tip of the hat to Jennette McCurdy for revealing the truth: So very true. And reminiscent of this marvellous internet trend
He's back! With an all-new collection of Vines! Yes, it's Bat Dad: everyone's favourite parenting superhero. (Via Viral Viral
Warning: we don't recommend trying this at your local gym... (Via
When it comes to hilarious kids' videos on the internet, most are the result of children being funny unintentionally. But
A hat-tip to Twitter's @EasilyTempted for alerting us to this gem: (And thanks to Jackson Hutchins for making it)
The finest use of Vine yet? Quite possibly. It's certainly our favourite 'Ghostbusters' theme-related YouTube video since