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This Australian daughter told her father that if he scored a basketball hoop by throwing the ball backwards, he wouldn't
You may think we're silly or flippant for posting this (and you'd be right - after all, this is the Comedy section). But
Bless you, Meghan Waterman. For this young lass combined two huge YouTube trends - the post-wisdom teeth removal video and
A round of applause, please - not canned - for @XortroX. For this cunning YouTuber has taken the viral video of the family
Readers, we don't suggest try to get into a baby's high chair at a restaurant - or, indeed, anywhere. Why? Well, you can
This performance at the Magic Delta Festival in Romania is - as Jeff from 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' might say - a big bowl of
This is very silly, very simple - and very funny. And it reminds us of one of Terry Gilliam's Monty Python cartoons. Yes
Well, we say 'making' - but it's more 'trying to make'. And we say 'grilled cheeses' - but it's more 'cheese strings put
Two words: Broken. Britain. Yes, this video has been uploaded to YouTube with the simple title 'Styrofoam Guy' - and we're
We're pretty sure this is how Kim Jong Un started. Or Herbert von Karajan. And he's only 15 months old! Remember, kid: with