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Take it from us, foreign pals: the words that are uttered from this chap's mouth are a fairly typical British reaction when
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Prepare to be impressed, people. Specifically: by a boy at the Marielyst Gokart & Paintball Center in Denmark. Anyone know
Meanwhile, in a retail park in Dartford, a lesson in how not to exit a car park is taking place. Well, we say 'lesson' - but
Meanwhile, over in Romania... a real-life Super Mario scene appears to be taking place. At first, it doesn't seem like anything
It’s hard to argue with this little cutie. Especially if you're a dog. Yes, it's amazing how you can tell exactly what's
Now this is what the internet - and smartphones - were made for. Richard Dunn found himself stuck at Las Vegas overnight
There are many perils associated with your first day at work - wrong attire, forgetting names and the like. Catapulting yourself
In honour of Father's Day, a compilation of classic YouTube clips that prove when you're dad, you win some... and you most