funny viral videos

Hilarity indeed. Not least because the machine in question appears to have a life of its own, like WALL:E gone bad. Check
We've all been there. On the last train - or bus - of the night. A little bit merry. A little bit more... sociable than we
We think this rather wonderful video provides the answer. In short: it's more than you'd think. (Via Nothing To Do With Arbroath
We mean, like, totally. And forgive the Americanisms, but they are American, after all. Fifth-grade pupils at W. A. Porter
No, this isn't a stop motion video. It's a portaloo being blown down a Utah street by gusts of wind up to 75mph. Now, if
Has Subaru just made the best viral video advert ever? Quite possibly. Make sure you watch it 'til the end... (Via Blame
Because physics. Or something. Yes, in the words of an Upworthy post: 'This Man Was Sawing A Tree. What Happened Next WILL
If there's one thing we can get behind, it's Break's 'Prank It Forward' week - during which they're performing the kind of
You know what makes us happy? People dancing. So here's something that makes us - and hopefully you - very happy: a supercut
In which a trombone player in the London Central Fellowship Band of the Salvation Army sneezes during a concert performance