funny women awards

Last week a charming young woman with a name tailor-made for comedy nuances picked up her guitar and sung her way to victory in the stage category of our 14th Funny Women Awards.
Congratulations to Sally Cancello, who's the very first recipient of the Funny Women Comedy Shorts Award. Actor and director
Bristol comedian Jayde Adams has been crowned the winner of this year's coveted Funny Women Award. Wearing a nude bodysuit
You are new, so no matter what your experience beforehand everyone will assume you are utterly crap at telling jokes to people. This can be frustrating when you are trying to assure everyone you are the UK's answer to Sarah Silverman with a bit of Lee Evans thrown in *cough*. The answer? Well, my answer, is to embrace it.
Appropriately enough for a final with a baker's dozen contestants, a double act called Twisted Loaf were crowned the winners
The Funny Women Awards 2013 are now open. And as well as looking for the funniest female stand-ups in the UK, the awards
The Funny Women Awards are back to find and support the next generation of brilliant female comics. The awards have been
Essentially women are conditioned to laugh AT men and WITH other women. Hear me out before dismissing my theory. Comedy is bound up with power and sex, and an ugly man can laugh a woman into bed if all else fails. We go for a 'GSOH' kind of guy more often than pure good looks but a combination of the two is the ideal - we care less about appearance than men do.