The coalition government could not change the lives of millions of the poorest people around the world without working with a wide range of talented, inspirational and dedicated charities and NGOs.
The government is failing to show the leadership we need. It talks about putting tax avoidance on the agenda of the G8 but is not coming forward with concrete proposals. And it is undermining the ability of HMRC to administer and collect the tax, by cutting its resources too far and too fast.
David Cameron has confirmed that next year's G8 summit of world leaders will be held in Co Fermanagh in Northern Ireland
In a developing country like mine, Zambia, the need for this money is even more vital. Life expectancy is 48, adult illiteracy is at 35% and the infant mortality rate is nearly 20%. On top of that we are also suffering the effects of climate change, water-borne diseases and malnourishment.
In the lead up to Sunday's Olympic hunger event, my head kept inadvertently dubbing the event 'The Hunger Games'. On the surface, an event to call on world leaders to step up efforts to reduce child malnutrition doesn't appear to have much to do with a post-apocalyptic novel/blockbuster movie. Low and middle income district children risking their lives to feed their families and being made to fight each other to the death, as those from the high income district watch dispassionately on television while tucking in to piles of cream cakes?
I look forward to the UK using its presidency of the G8 to championing the role of smallholder farmers globally and ensuring that their voice is heard and their contribution recognised.
When we think of armed conflicts, we think of battlefields, of soldiers in arms, of trenches and tanks. But wars tragically are also about civilians, particularly women and children, caught on the margins of the battlefield yet at the centre of warfare.
The British government is launching an initiative aimed at helping victims of sexual violence in war zones. Rape has been
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Ed Miliband has accused David Cameron of failing to secure a plan for growth at the recent G8 summit in the United States